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The new fullsets. I want to release them on Saturday( today), but I'm too tried to finish the intro for them now...I sleep at 1 a.m in the past week in order to ship Lotus before the national holiday. I visited my grandpa in hospital today, it's a bit late to finish the intro when I came back. So please wait the release tomorrow.^^



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forget to say...
to plasticnoodles, thank you very much. It's very nice of you. ^3^ If they block DOA, I will definitely need your help... I can receive comments here by email, but I can't reply the comment since I can't open the page...TvT


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orz.... I can neither edit my blog nor even open it... but I still can post through flickr.
All the proxies are disabled, thanks to the powerful GFW.(great fire wall of China)

Although the project to install Green Dam on every PC is shut down, but the F gov never give up. I saw a news said that now, they focus on the servers. All servers will be installed a software, which called ' Chinese Shield' ( I saw another news called it as 'blue shield'.) Maybe this shield has already been working.

I have to found a new blog temporarily, maybe I will go back to my first blog which at blogbus (http://fairygarden.blogbus.com/) ...I like blogspot, if I can come back, I will.

My friend, a highschool teacher, said some data websites they need are blocked too. The students can't finish their article without these data, so they have nothing to do now.

...It really sucks.

不做亏心事,不怕鬼敲门。老佛爷到底做了多少亏心事,乃至六十大寿的时候担心害怕到如此大范围的无差别攻击?= =|||


Sept 13 2009

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I have done the sanding and assemble works on Lotus No.13-16. Now I'm waiting for their outfits.The basic sewing work is done by a friend of my mom. I will add accessories later.
Therefore, I have some time to prepare the next fullset Girl. I think she will be ready next week.^^

As 1st Oct, the 60 anniversary of PRC is closer, China strength its control on blocking us from Internet. I found the proxy softwares I use work less and less. It's difficult to open blogger now. Although I can post articles by Flickr, it will be a problem for me to update new items in my shop and I'm afraid maybe they will block Flickr during national holiday as which they did during 4th Jun.

What they did is far more beyond annoying.



Sept 7, 2009

It's more than two weeks since last update...
I was sanding Lotus Near last two weeks, so there was nothing new to show...

Today, just show some 'amazing wigs' I mentioned last time...

I bought 5 wigs from a wig shop, three 6-7 inches wigs and 5 inches wigs.
One 6-7 inches wig is just to~~~~o large, I think it can fit 8-9 inches heads. - -||| The other two are in the right size, but in wrong color. I think I order 2 milk white wigs, but actualy they are gray...That reminds me of granny .

This one in the photo, looks quite well, but the size should be 5 inches...why it fit my Qiiro who needs 6-7 inches wigs? And you will be suprised if you take off the hat...


The one which Urami wears, looks not too bad, but the same, it should be a 5 inches wig which I prepare for my Papana...and the color is not the one I want. = = None of the 5 wigs came in the right size, right color, right style...