Apr.30 2009

The ordered dolls will be ready soon, only face up remained.

I will attend my friend's wedding tomorrow.XD

I'm going to release Lotus No.9-No.12 in May and fullset Qiiro, which I've planned for a long time.^^


DSCN3469,原由 dd-anne 上載。

the first tiny Lii. I repainted her face early this year. Her kimono is quite old, I'm going to make a new one for her, when I have time...


Apr.22 2009

I ended my casting work last week. Now I'm preparing orders.
I plan to send Lotus in early May, then, I will try to make some new fullset dolls.^^


Apr.10 2009

I get used to live in my studio, but there are still many things to buy for the studio. My wallet is nearly empty. T. T
If the weather is fine, I will finish the casting work next week. ^^


Apr.8 2009

Thank my mother for helping me, I can be online in my studio now.

It's much happier to live in the studio. I don't need to worry of being blamed.

I'm busy with casting these days. It becomes hoter and hoter, so I need to finish the casting work the sooner the better.^^


Apr.2 2009

It's long time since last update...

I started to live in studio nearly one month ago, so online time is less than before.

Um...something that I haven't complained here before...Hope I don't annoy you.

In fact, my father is against me to be a doll sculptor. He think childen should be obedient to their parents, otherwise they are bad childen.
He said he hopes me fail as soon as possible so that I will give up and find a ordinary job.
Does it sound cruel?...

He said I am lack of conscience and dreams...because my choice to be a doll sculptor makes him painful. He looks down on these who earn money by their hands, such as workers, farmers, craftsmen, etc. He thinks I am a good-for-nothing, which makes him shame. To him, dreams are earning big money, living in a big house, driving expensive cars and having power.

He is always angry with me. He is unpleased with whatever I do unless to obey his wish.
He said he has the right to abuse me with dirty words because I don't earn big money in this family and so he did.

I really don't want to give up my dreams. I have the right to control my life, right? I can't bear him any more, so I moved to my studio which just beside my home and avoid to meet him. I don't want to be abused any more.

Then he wrote me a letter, ' ...if you were me, the daugher you spent a lot of time and money became such a poor relation, you would be painful, hate her and be angry with her, wouldn't you? You SHOULD understand me...'

Ah...Ah...I will never hate my kids. Maybe I can understand him. He is not the only one in China.
It's hard to change my father's mind and it's much harder to change this wonderful land...


Ah~I'm feeling better after typing so much.^^