Feb 21

I made a preorder form and other web pages in the afternoon and at night. I'm not familar with coding.@.@ No matter big or small, everything needs me. The preorder form is special for the chapter 3 dolls, to make it easier for people who place an order at the first time from my website.
The second face up of the cat is done. I'm going to take more photos of the cat and Alice tomorrow.
The preorder period will open on Feb 25, finially, haha^-^.
Thank all of you for your watching and company.


Alice C3 - Chapter 3 Cheshire Cat, Alice in Underland

Hi minami-ritsu,
Thank you.^-^
Don't worry. It will be a preorder period this time.^-^


I haven't updated here for a long time.@.@
Please check my flickr for latest news,