Mar.23 2009

It's hard at the beginning of the designing. My mind is blanket. However, 'you will cross the bridge when you get to it. ' When I tried step by step, it looks better and better. Hope you like his new out fit. ^-^Lotus will be ready this week. I find I need one more accessory. It always happens that what I need are in the shops, no matter how many I have bought.- -|||


Mar.20 2009

I'm designing outfit for Lotus in white skin.

He will be ready next week.XD


Mar.12 2009

The casting work on Lotus Near is more successful than I've expected. It's worth redoing the molds.^^
I've casted four in ivory white skin. I want to pait a different face up with the tan skin one.

I think I can release them in late March.


Mar.6 2009

I didn't do much work recently.- -...

Today is a fine day.
I'm going to cast Lotus next week.


March 1 2009

I bought a new computer, but haven't move old data in it...

It's still raining.- -||| I'm going to make one more mold for Riko head.

I think March will be a month of casting.= =...Then I hope I don't need to cast until autumn.