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I saw this in another forums.

so sute!XD


Jan.25 2009

Today is the last second day of the rat year...
My uncle invited us for family dinner in a restaurant.
Every thing is happy.
However, at last, when we were going to leave the restaurant, my mother slipped on the wet floor outside toilet. And soon, her left wrist became very gummy.
...It looked like a fracture.

Now, 23:49, my parents are in the hospital. They let me back home first. My father has brought me a good news just now that the result of x-ray shows there is no fracture, but my mother still need a CT check as the doctor asked.

Thank God! Hope she is fine.(TvT)

Jan.24 2009

I paused my work and have a holiday now.^^

My friend and I visited Shanghai museum yesterday.










Jan.15 2009

Most girls are on their way home.><

I repainted the face up today, but haven't packaged the last Pei Yi yet.

I am going to cast extra hands for Aree tomorrow. I tried this when I was casting ordered girls, but failed...The skin color was a bit red than old version and one fist hand destroyed by my mis calculate.

Hope I success tomorrow.


Jan.14 2009

Maybe I'm in bad luck today.

I have a stomachache all day.

The ink cartridge I bought in an online shop ran out of ink so quickly.I just printed 20-30 pages... The seller refused my request of refund. That makes me a bad mood.

Because I spent time on contacting the seller the problems of ink cartridge in the afternoon, I had to continue my package work at night.

Then, I damaged one Pei Yi's face up when I was fixing eyelash for her. Now I have to repaint her face up.

I will send other girls tomorrow. TvT


Jan.13 2009

Paint face up.
I will package them tomorrow and ship them on Thursday.^^


Jan.10 2009

I have a classmate meet up today.

I planned to take all of five girls with me, but finally I chose Pei Yi only because she has suitable clothes for this season...

DSCN3994 Hi

DSCN3996 There is a bunny on the desk!

DSCN3998 It's cool to eat a icecream in winter.XD

DSCN4008 Pei Yi met a new friend.^^

DSCN4009 The traffic jams in Shanghai, even today is Saturday.


Jan.09 2009

I finished sanding work today.
Then, assemble and face up.^^

2 new styles of boots will be available soon. ^o^


Jan.06 2009

I'm sanding...It costs much more time to sand a large girl than a tiny doll.

I will start to send them next week.^^


History of DD-Anne's hand-made dolls

I started to sculpt dolls since 2005. I have none experience on sculpting before that. I even didn't know which materials or tools I can use. Therefore, I tried plaster...

first attempt (plaster)My first attempt on sculpting...Feb. 2005

Later, I tried polymer clay. It didn't work either.
However, soon, I learned there is something called La Doll.

wu(clay)This is My first clay head, WU. April 2005

Fei (clay)Fei, the second head.

In May 2005, I started my adventure on sculpting a whole BJD. She was Oruha. I finished her in late August. She was a clay doll and crack easily. I planned to repaire her and to give her rebirth, but at last in the summer of 2008, she died, retruning to be a block of clay.


Then, in Oct. 2005, I started my second adventure.


to be continued...


Jan.02 2009

Hi everyone!
Happy New Year~ *><*

Although everyone is on holiday, I have to keep on casting...

One more doll today, then I will finish the casting work on ordered dolls.

Now I need to cast the last one.XD