photos on my table

Pei Yi & Qiiro



Look old photos during working...
Then I find I still want a round-eyes girl.


Nov. 25

tiny complains ^^|||

I wanted to release my girls yesterday, so I took some photos for selling pages. Unfortunately, it's cloudy...My camera doesn't perform well in cloudy days. The photos were not as good as I expected.(TvT) I think they are even worse than these unformal photos.

The closer to releasing time, the more unconfident I become. It seems there are endless prepare work to do. I want to be perfect or just close to perfect, but everything tells me that there is no perfect.

I've designed some outfits for my girls, but just like women always think they need one more dress, I find I always need new materials...

My mother said, 'you should do everything one by one.'


Well, I'm going to finish per-order page today and release my girl. ^^


Nov. 23

continue update in my shop.^^


Nov. 22

It cost me one day to update the wigs in my shop. Please have a look at my shop><, I'm quite pleased with what I've done. ;)


Nov. 21

Take photos of wigs. @.@ I find there are many things to do before I released these girls, but, anyway, I will release them next week. ^^


The last 2 girls have been assembled

The last 2 girls have been assembled.

Mero. Old version Mero has black eyes and black hair, so I did some changes on this one. What's your opinion on this kind of eyes? My mother said it looks blind...

Pei Yi. I prefer black hair.


Qiiro's new eyes


I think this one is better...


more girls


I'm busy and lazy these days... Please come to my flickr to see more...



Qiiro on table ^^


Too much photos today, please come to my Flickr to see more.><


photos of Near and Qiiro

My Near. I nearly give up him, but he relived yesterday.^^

unformal photo of Qiiro.^^ I'm making clothes for her. The face up of the other four girls have been done, but I need to assemble them one by one...


Nov.11 2008

Paint face up for my big girls.^^
I need to assemble them later.



not the final formal photos.><



Nov.9 2008

Paint face up.

Here are 2 photos taken on Nov. 3.
I casted a radom head mold and got a Qiiro. She is the first strung girl.

The problem of resin I mentioned.


Nov.6 2008

prepare tiny dolls ^^

p.s to pixie,
I can't send emails to you. My mail is returned.- -|||


Nov.4 2008

My nose is painful after wearing gas mask for a long time in the past 3 days. (-///-)

I have a good news. The problem of resin is solved, I think.^^

I asked the seller about the problem. He thought it's not usual that the resin went bad so fast. He
opened cans of resin in raining days, but there was no such big affect as I met. He mentioned he saw similar problem as my description when he mixed excessive part B.

I didn't add excessive part B, but I think maybe I can try to reduce part B a little.

In normal condition, the scale is 1:1. Therefore, I changed it to 1:0.955 yesterday. But it didn't work well either. Then, I gave up dying, try the pure resin. It seems it has some effects. I cast 3 girl with the residual white resin, because I didn't want the resin becomes worse. I was happy that I used out this set of resin and could have a rest from casting.

Then, a new problem rose. I need to cast tiny dolls in dark and tan skin color for someone as soon as possible. After a short struggle in this morning, I decided to open a new set of resin, since the weather report says it will be raining in the following days and today is the only fine day. I think it's better to cast these tiny dolls first, no matter if the resin goes bad later, than to let others wait more time for their ordered tinies.

However, I was shocked when I found new resin had the same problem as the last one. At that time, I nearly collapsed... but a few minutes later, I had to tidy up my broken heart, try to reduce scale of part B to 1:0.94. This time God bless me...It works.

Now I just need to use out this set of resin ( to cast 4 girls tomorrow) as soon as possible. ^^||||

Hope all things are OK.><


Nov.2 2008

I'm very very very sad today. It seems the resin I opened yesterday went bad...
I know it will become bad soon in raining days, but I don't know it turns bad so fast...

I was casting all day, but got only miscasts... I will try again tomorrow, but I don't expect too much.

Well, I have to wait a fine day to continue my casting work with a new set of resin. The weather report says it will continue raining.



Nov.1 2008

I just can't wait to cast them...though it's wet today.

I use white resin, please take reference from the color of body.>< DSCN3377
I have progress on mold making.^^ The molds of body are quite successful.

She is very different with old version Lii...

Pei Yi. I hate impurities. TvT

The left one is the first cast. I estimated less resin than needed, so there is a big hole...(TvT)

A big hole!

Urami. The first cast always has many impurities.

I like this side of her face.

Mero. Every time I see Mero without face up, I will think of Goblin...

Qiiro. She is a quiet girl.^^

I will cast ordered tiny dolls tomorrow...orz