Alice in Underland, chapter 3, Cheshire Cat

At last I think I haven't enough time to prepare chapter 3 before Christmas. It will be a silence Christmas for FairyGarden. What a pitty! I asked myself if I could rush... No, it's no good for making good dolls. So, you will meet chapter 3 in the next year.^-^


Caterpillar's hair acessesories

In order to keep them shinning as long as possible, I coat each of them by clear paint. But anyway, when you are not playing with her, please keep her in a dark box if possible.



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to Naomi, yes, add pigment. ^ ^


Hello, Naomi

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( China blocks blogger, so I have to post via email or from my flickr. ^ ^

about your questions,

first, please tell me how to make dolls prototypes more smooth ?! its my biggest problem >.<

I use liquid putty, spraying on surfaces, and putty, filling holes to make the surface smooth enough for casting. But before that, it's better to sand them as smooth as you can, that will save much time on putty work.

what resin do you use ? epox-something or pol-something ? im so nervous about casting...
oh and do you use sylicone as formes ??

I use pol resin. Haha, although I've casted for many times, I'm still nervous about casting.><
Yes, I use sylicone.

The photo is a mold before I pour sylicone into it.