May 30

New fullset tiny doll in process


May 23

Do you know what are these bunnies?>0< It's one of my evil ideas...


May 21

Paint 2 Tenten IIs.
You can find them in my flickr.^_^


May 20

Assemble 3 tiny dolls.

I will move to a new place, not far away, at the end of this month. The new flat is a bit larger. And finally,I can sleep on a bed, not a sofa any more. I'm looking forward a new start in the new flat. However, there is one thing make me sad. I have to say good bye to the cats on my window...T-T They come here for food everyday and even sleep here. I know one of them more than 2 years and I watch them grow up. They have no idea what's going on. An empty room without me, no more food!
I hate say good bye!


May 19

Alice in underland.
Who is going to wear this mask?^_^


May 15

My schedule is in disorder after I sent all Lotuses. I'm going to finish 2 orders of tiny doll and restock tiny dolls.


May 10

All Lotuses are on their way to new home.^^

I painted 2 Tenten IIs today.



May 07

I got up at 6 a.m in order to paint all Lotuses in time. I've planned to bring a good news to you that all Lotus can be shipped tomorrow. Everything went smooth at first. However, today is not my lucky day. The hose of my air brush was cracked during painting ...It seems God doesn't want me to send them tomorrow. -_-!
I've bought a new hose online. I will continue my work tomorrow.

May 06

Finish the other sides of 8 wings.
I'm sorry that there will be 2 days delay. I'm going to send one without face up this Saturday and the rest with face up on Monday.


May 03

Prepare wings. This is the back side.


May 03

Finish sanding and assembling the last crane Lotus and 2 Tenten II.
Remmeber there is an tan Lotus by accident? I think I will make an one off edition. The theme is a bird too. ; ) Meanwhile, I will release a flaw tan Lotus which I casted two years ago. There is a cat fur mixed into resin on his nose. I tried digging the fur out and repair his face, but it doesn't make any better...Later, I tried casting a new head instead, but the color of resin doesn't match well.T^T. I've kept him for two years. It's better to find him a home now.


May 02

Thank you Jenny.^_^
The last batch of Lotuses will be sent at next weekend.