Sept.30 2008

I did big changes on Qiiro. I will post her photo when she is ready...
Hope you like her.^^


Sept.27 2008

try to string them to check joints today.>< It seems their heads are a bit big.- -||||




tiny vampires for Cosmic_girl



My cats will have operations tomorrow. I have to pause my work. Hope they heal quickly.


Sept.22 2008

cut one leg into two pieces and add joint.><
Face up of 2 tiny dolls finished.
I will take photo tomorrow.^^


Sept. 21 2008

DSCN3168 Do you like cheese on tiny doll body or an animal body?







DSCN3167 Does Mimi think he doesn't see me so that I can't see him?


Sept.20 2008

Assemble 2 tiny dolls and prepare face up.><

I feel it's sensible to move my garden here... I found I got a message from blogbus totay, said that they have to delete one article from my chinese blog as political reason. 囧
And then it becames very hard for me to login blogbus.

Maybe I have to speed up on moving pages in fairygarden there if I can login...

Sept. 19 2008

I sanded her eye holes and tried 16, 14mm eyes I have. Which one is the best?

DSCN3155 16mm purple

DSCN3156 unstandard 16mm, (15mm) blue

DSCN3157 14 mm green

DSCN3159 Qiiro.


Sept.18 2008

Check legs. left one is a bit longer.

check eyes...Do you think Pei Yi is better without eyes?? I'm disappointed at Urami's mouth...I don't want that style.

Photo taken in evening. I made their cheeks fatter again...Maybe I did sth wrong...

Princess visited me today. ^w^


Sept.17 2008

solving the problems...

The express told me that the primary agent said I am a tough guy. - -|||

But how can people do nothing when they don't get the refund they deserved?

I don't think I'm a tough guy, but I'm not a docile sheep too.

When I took my camera from my studio, I left my keys there. Therefore I was locked outside of rooms...I had to go to my mother's office for help...

Here are some flowers I saw on the way.XD

Looks like a wonderland!




The meaning of names

1.Lii, 離
In chinese, it means 'leave'. Lii is a doll I made for my best friend in college. Lii is the first doll leaves me.

2.Mero, 梅蘿 & 3. Near, 逆
When I was thinging of names for Mero and Near, 'Death Note', one of my favourite comics, ended. Since the first letter of Lii is 'L'(a character in DN) , I decided to name the other two as 'Mero' and 'Near'(names of characters in DN).

4.Oruha, 織葉
She is my first handmade BJD. Oruha is a character in 'Clover' by Clamp. I just love this name, but not the character...

5.Pei Yi, 沛宜
This name is from a real girl called Yang Pei Yi, the girl who was hidden behind the curtain of the 29th Olympic Games opening ceremony. I just want to remember that not only Miao Ke, the girl in red dress on the stage, but also there is a girl called Pei Yi sang the song.

6.Qiiro, 千尋
It's a Japanese name, but I use Chinese Pinyin 'Qi' instead of 'chi' . It's not easy to find a name start with 'Q'...In Chinese, it means 'looking for thousands of times'.^^

7.Riko, 栗子
I combined Chinese'Li Zi' and Japanese 'kuri' to 'Riko'. They mean 'chestnut'. I saw many peddlers sold chestnut when I was thinking of Riko's name...


9.Tenten, 天天
Tenten is Japanese pronounce, in Chinese, it's 'tiantian', means everyday. I think 'ten' is easy to memorize.

10.Urami, 裏美
It's a name of a character from a game(Gyakuten Saiban 3). In fact, in Japanese, 'Urami' has another meaning, 'hate'. But I think it just sounds well...

to be continued

Sept. 16 2008

I had to stay at home to wait reply from the bank this afternoon, so, to kill time, I did some tiny clothes .

Nearly 3:30, I got a phone call from the bank. They brought me good news.


Maybe because I was in a good mood, I was quite pleased with the clothes I did for Zombie baby No.3, tiny Neare.><

I will sale him tomorrow.



working process

As big girls's heads are nearly finished, I picked some photos for every girls.
I've added description for most photos.

Pei Yi


Other three will be later.^^

Sept. 15 2008

Welcome to my new blog.^^ Hope you like it.

I am preparing ordered tiny dolls and working on big girls.

Time goes so fast...

I find I have lots of things to do.

1.My cats need sterilization.

2.I have problems on withdrawing money from Moneybookers, I have to go to bank for more information. In fact I went nearest bank on last Thursday, but after I waited in line for a long time, they told me they could't help me...I will visit another one for help.

3.It has been one month since I ask for inquiry for my lost doll. The express need to refund me as they promised. However I know, it's not easy before I get the refund...

I hope I could complete big girls as soon as possible, I really love all of them, but it seems I worked very slowly and accidents like those above come a lot...

M(T _ T)M


Hexad Lii

Hexad Lii,原由 dd-anne 上載。

Sept. 12 2008 adjust eyes hole. It seems my work on sanding before turns no use again.TvT