Air pollution in Shanghai

冬至,落葬。 车子在高架上,一片灰蒙蒙的雾。特别是过杨浦大桥的时候,在高处望,能见度很低。


Alice in Underland, chapter 3, Cheshire Cat

At last I think I haven't enough time to prepare chapter 3 before Christmas. It will be a silence Christmas for FairyGarden. What a pitty! I asked myself if I could rush... No, it's no good for making good dolls. So, you will meet chapter 3 in the next year.^-^


Caterpillar's hair acessesories

In order to keep them shinning as long as possible, I coat each of them by clear paint. But anyway, when you are not playing with her, please keep her in a dark box if possible.



20101108349.jpg,原由 dd-anne 上載。

to Naomi, yes, add pigment. ^ ^


Hello, Naomi

20101104345.jpg,原由 dd-anne 上載。

( China blocks blogger, so I have to post via email or from my flickr. ^ ^

about your questions,

first, please tell me how to make dolls prototypes more smooth ?! its my biggest problem >.<

I use liquid putty, spraying on surfaces, and putty, filling holes to make the surface smooth enough for casting. But before that, it's better to sand them as smooth as you can, that will save much time on putty work.

what resin do you use ? epox-something or pol-something ? im so nervous about casting...
oh and do you use sylicone as formes ??

I use pol resin. Haha, although I've casted for many times, I'm still nervous about casting.><
Yes, I use sylicone.

The photo is a mold before I pour sylicone into it.


Something is under the fabric!

Something is under the fabric!

Chapter 2, Alice in Underland, will be released soon.
"Alice stretched herself up on tiptoe, and peeped over the edge of the mushroom…'Oh! I thought I would meet a caterpillar!' she said."


What will Alice find on the mushroom?


'Caterpillar', Alice in Underland, Chapter 2

Works on Chapter 1 are nearly finished. I'm going to prepare the next chapter.

What story will happen in Chapter 2?
Coming soon ^-^

Alice in underland, boxes



Monster in the box

Sorry for the poor photo. It is taken at night by my cell phone. They are waiting for face up.


I'm making outfits for white rabbit and Alice.

Everyday, early moring, about 5a.m, I am waken up by my naughty cat, Mimi. He doesn't stop miaowing until I refill his bowl. Then, I sleep again til I feel something uncomfortable from my legs. It's him again! This time, he is lying against my legs. His furs stick on my legs here and there which makes me itch and hot... Being annoyed, I kick him off from my bed. After a few minutes peace, he comes back again, licking and scratching, make more furs on my legs! So I kick him again...However Mimi never gives up until I surrender and get up. A new day begins!


Aug 14 2010



Alice in underland, Chapter 1

C1 Alice's shoes. I like this, very simple. On the other hand, White Rabbit's shoes makes me headache. I want a wooden sole, which means I have to make them by myself...- -||||

Alice in underland, Chapter 1

C1 Alice's lolita style dress. I found, to me, lolita dress is much easier than kimono. I can decorate it any where by lace or accessories as I wish.

Alice in underland, Chapter 1, in process

White Rabbit's kimono. Which I re-sew again and again. ^ ^|||| Still not finished.


Kitty everyday

White rabbit

I'm still preparing my 'underland' white rabbit. She takes much more time than I've planned. Four attemps on her kimono, three on obi, two on hair accessary. That really makes me depressed...This is the second hair accessary.
Should Alice wear kimono too? My original plan is a lolita style dress, but after trying kimono fourth time for white rabbit, my brain is fulled of all kinds of kimono...^ ^|||



July 2

My fourth attemp on zombie white rabbit's outfits.
A bit depreased, and doubt my ability...

Kitty everyday




Jun 21

I took some photos of OOAK TenTen I for the auction page on ebay today. The auction page is ready, but I'm hesitaiting when to start. I don't want it ends in middle night. However, to worldwide, there are always some places in middle night...I think I should make a decision tomorrow.

And I ordered a large working table and a mirror online today. When they arrive tomorrow, I will start to prepare new zombie baby series, 'Alice in underland'. I'm going to release one character per month. The first one is white rabbit. It will be a quite different story with original Alice story. ^-^


Jun 11

Finally I can start my work a little by a little. I took photos for the coming new Tenten I fullset. You can see her in my flickr now. I'm going to auction her on ebay from $1!
I have planned this for a long time. Very curious about the result. It doesn't matter how much I earn, but it's how much you will to pay for her, for my works.*^_^*

I caught cold after swimmig on the evenning.@_@


New place, new start

There are two rooms in my new studio.

Say goodbye

I have to move out from my studio. This might be the last pic I took for them. I wish I could take all of them with me, but I can't...unless I have a place owned by myself, not a rent flat. It's sad to say goodbye. To me, if I can't see them any more, then, in some meanings, just like they are dead. T-T



May 30

New fullset tiny doll in process


May 23

Do you know what are these bunnies?>0< It's one of my evil ideas...


May 21

Paint 2 Tenten IIs.
You can find them in my flickr.^_^


May 20

Assemble 3 tiny dolls.

I will move to a new place, not far away, at the end of this month. The new flat is a bit larger. And finally,I can sleep on a bed, not a sofa any more. I'm looking forward a new start in the new flat. However, there is one thing make me sad. I have to say good bye to the cats on my window...T-T They come here for food everyday and even sleep here. I know one of them more than 2 years and I watch them grow up. They have no idea what's going on. An empty room without me, no more food!
I hate say good bye!


May 19

Alice in underland.
Who is going to wear this mask?^_^


May 15

My schedule is in disorder after I sent all Lotuses. I'm going to finish 2 orders of tiny doll and restock tiny dolls.