Jun 21

I took some photos of OOAK TenTen I for the auction page on ebay today. The auction page is ready, but I'm hesitaiting when to start. I don't want it ends in middle night. However, to worldwide, there are always some places in middle night...I think I should make a decision tomorrow.

And I ordered a large working table and a mirror online today. When they arrive tomorrow, I will start to prepare new zombie baby series, 'Alice in underland'. I'm going to release one character per month. The first one is white rabbit. It will be a quite different story with original Alice story. ^-^


Jun 11

Finally I can start my work a little by a little. I took photos for the coming new Tenten I fullset. You can see her in my flickr now. I'm going to auction her on ebay from $1!
I have planned this for a long time. Very curious about the result. It doesn't matter how much I earn, but it's how much you will to pay for her, for my works.*^_^*

I caught cold after swimmig on the evenning.@_@


New place, new start

There are two rooms in my new studio.

Say goodbye

I have to move out from my studio. This might be the last pic I took for them. I wish I could take all of them with me, but I can't...unless I have a place owned by myself, not a rent flat. It's sad to say goodbye. To me, if I can't see them any more, then, in some meanings, just like they are dead. T-T