Oct. 31 2008

The last mold, Qiiro head cost more time than I've expected. This time, the silicone solidified too slowly, so about 1/5 silicone leaked... I had to add more silicone and wait it solidifies.

I will start to cast when it stops raining.


Oct.29 2008

All molds will be done tomorrow.^^
I'm busy these days, so can't talk too much here.><


Oct.27 2008

I started to make molds today.

An accident happened in the morning... The silicone solidified too fast, because it has been unsealed for several months. - -||| Poor Pei Yi was buried in silicone with many air bubbles. Well...I have to put her aside and wait silicone solidifed totally so that I can take her out.

Then, I turned to Hexad Lii head. I opened a new can of silicone. This mold is successful.

Next, I prepared for arms and feet mold. I will fill it with silicone tomorrow.

The bistouries I bought yesterday arrived in late afternoon. I resuced Pei Yi from silicone by bistoury. ^^


Oct.26 2008


New clothes I bought for my Lii~

Prepare molds of girls.><


photos Oct. 23

My tan tiny Hexad finally got clothes for her. (Kelly's clothes and Jenny's cap.)

Tiny Neara still needs more clothes...

'You stole my wig!'
'No, I did nothing...'

'Do you wanna some cookies?'


Oct. 23 2008

I will end my sanding work on Oct.25.^^

I took some photos of my tan tiny Hexad, tiny Neara, tan tiny Riko, but it's too late. I have no time to deal with photos. I will post them tomorrow.^^


Oct. 22 2008

Continue sanding...
They will be completed soon.><

I bought some cloth to make new dress for these girls. I've stocked dozens of cloth, but it's strange that what I want is always in other's shop...- -|||


meaning of fairygarden

Why I call here 'garden'?

My friend and I were interested in flowers when we were in middle school. We bought many seeds from markets, but I got only mimosa at last...- - Because I hadn't a good place for flowers. I lived on 4th floor and there was only a public balcony, which was face to the north...

One day, when we passed by a small garden full with blooming flowers in the nearby college, I said to my friend, I hope I could own a small piece of land like that so that I can plant as many flowers as I can and they will certainly grow well.

It's a beautiful dream and an improssible dream. As I grow up, I know we can't own lands. Lands are 'pubilc'.

Thank God! I finally own a tiny space on Internet. When considering a name for my space, it reminded me the dream of a garden. >w<><

Oct. 20 2008

Sanding ^^|||


Oct. 19 2008

I'm feeling guilty that my plans are not achieved every time. (TvT)

It's already Oct. 19, but it seems I need more time to sand them. The sanding work is really very boring. I became impatient. I love sculpting, painting face up and making clothes for dolls, but I don't like sanding, making molds and casting.(>w<) However, another voice in my mind told me to keep calm, if I don't sand them smooth, I will certainly regret in the future, just as what I've done with Near.

...anyway, they're more and more close to be completed.

Today, photos of Mero.
I found I didn't take many photos for her. I spent least time on her in five girls.

After I finish sanding work and molds, I will cast some per order tiny dolls first. Then, cast big girls. When I use out a set of resin, I will stop casting work for a while to prepare ordered tiny dolls first. Then, I have time to assemle my big girls, to paint face up and to make clothes for them. I can accept per order of them at that time...


Oct.17 2008

Add tiny teeth for Pei Yi.^^

Although I'm sanding all day, but there are so many parts...(TvT)


Oct. 16 2008

Sanding, sanding, sanding...

And did some preparing work on ordered tiny dolls...


Oct. 15 2008




Mom helped me to take silicone and resin home. The package is more than 30kg. We were exhausted when moving it upstairs...


Oct. 12 2008

Although it's 2 days later than I've planned, I started to spray gray putty on clay dolls today. I took carema with this afternoon, planning to take some photos of them. It has been a long time since last time I post their photos.>< However, when I completed my work, it got dark.- -|||

At the same time, the silicone and resin I ordered last week has arrived in Shanghai. I need to take them home this week. Luckily, this time, it's much nearer. ^w^


Oct. 9 2008

DSCN3192,原由 dd-anne 上載。

These are bear coats I metioned.^^ I will sell bear coats in different colors after I finish cast work, which hasn't been started.@.@...


Oct. 4 2008

I start to sand every parts of big girls carefully.^^


Oct.2 2008

I'm quite lazy these days, maybe because everyone is on holiday now.

I made a light green bear coat for Tenten II this afternoon.
My camera has been low on battery for several days, but I'm too lazy to change battery for it...

Prince (cat...) visits me everyday. He even came into my balcony today. Does he want to join my cats family?

No photo today... - -|||