meaning of fairygarden

Why I call here 'garden'?

My friend and I were interested in flowers when we were in middle school. We bought many seeds from markets, but I got only mimosa at last...- - Because I hadn't a good place for flowers. I lived on 4th floor and there was only a public balcony, which was face to the north...

One day, when we passed by a small garden full with blooming flowers in the nearby college, I said to my friend, I hope I could own a small piece of land like that so that I can plant as many flowers as I can and they will certainly grow well.

It's a beautiful dream and an improssible dream. As I grow up, I know we can't own lands. Lands are 'pubilc'.

Thank God! I finally own a tiny space on Internet. When considering a name for my space, it reminded me the dream of a garden. >w<><


Peter Holland said...

Congratulations on owning your first 'garden' on the internet. My own garden is place for me to sculpt cyber-space. I didn't think I would have the brains to do it, but with a little bit of help from a wise, kind person, I did it. My garden is growing and I enjoy tending it like a garden hobbit.

Cosmic_girl said...

Lovely story...^_^

DD-ANNE said...

peter, Thank you. Your garden is wonderful.XD

Liisa, Thank you.><