I'm wearing swimming goggles to protect eyes... Normal glass can't protect from gas which makes my eyes red.-_-!

April 11

I will finish casting on Wednesday. The days without casting are so beautiful!



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I have a dream last morning that I was in a final exam in the college. It's something like higher mathematics. But I hadn't prepared anything. I could not understand the words on the testing paper. I was very upset, my classmates had already finished their papers, but I even hadn't started. I went more and more nervous until I realized I have graduated for nearly five years and I am a doll artist, no need for higher mathematics any more. Then, I wake up, released. It's a typical example dream in Freud's analyzing dreams. The test dream happens when one face something improtant, but s/he doesn't think s/he works hard enough.The dream tells that the difficulties in the past has gone, so the difficulties at present will be solved too.
I think it because I receive orders more than I thought after the magazine published. I'm happy and feel responsible. I hope I can work in both day and night, but after casting whole day, I don't want to move in night at all...so I have that dream. Test dreams appeared before my graduation oral examination and many similar situation.
It's interesting that after I read Freud's analyzing, my dream changes a little, it becomes not so obvious, but after analzying, I think it has the same effect as a test dream. It seems like my subconscious don't want me know I'm dreaming and what it for. Haha.


Take them out piece by piece. I don't like this job... It needs 2 people to do the job, one holds the mold and one cuts it by surgery knives. But I'm the only one with 2 hands. >_< so it's very hard...

Arms, hands, feet and joint mold. I put them in one mold so that it will be less work on casting.