Alice in underland, Chapter 1

C1 Alice's shoes. I like this, very simple. On the other hand, White Rabbit's shoes makes me headache. I want a wooden sole, which means I have to make them by myself...- -||||

Alice in underland, Chapter 1

C1 Alice's lolita style dress. I found, to me, lolita dress is much easier than kimono. I can decorate it any where by lace or accessories as I wish.

Alice in underland, Chapter 1, in process

White Rabbit's kimono. Which I re-sew again and again. ^ ^|||| Still not finished.


Kitty everyday

White rabbit

I'm still preparing my 'underland' white rabbit. She takes much more time than I've planned. Four attemps on her kimono, three on obi, two on hair accessary. That really makes me depressed...This is the second hair accessary.
Should Alice wear kimono too? My original plan is a lolita style dress, but after trying kimono fourth time for white rabbit, my brain is fulled of all kinds of kimono...^ ^|||



July 2

My fourth attemp on zombie white rabbit's outfits.
A bit depreased, and doubt my ability...

Kitty everyday