Aug.23 2009

Another week passed after Lotus Near released.
I'm happy that zombie editon sold out very fast, but also, I 'm a bit sad to reject a lot of orders...

Well, I was preparing Lotus Near during last week. All things went well til I caught a cold... I didn't care it at first, so it became more and more serious and affected my work. I should take the pills earlier. (T-T)

When preparing current edition of Lotus, I think about the next edition. I want every edition unique, but it seems there is no suitable color theme for the next edition. Um...maybe black again? I'm considering about a new wig style too. However, the factory asked a high price for a sample, so I looked for another factory. To confirm their ability, I bought some doll wigs from the new factory. Then, you know, factories never lose their creativity to mess an order. Wrong colors, wrong sizes, wrong styles...I will take some interesting photos later. Haha, actually not too bad, I still can pick 2 of 5 for my own girls, but I won't order anymore from that factory.

At last, look for Arai. I haven't got your reply email since last month. I know the flood cause huge damages in Taiwan, so I'm worry about you... Hope you are fine.


Aug.11 2009


Does it looks strange on a tiny doll body?


Aug.9 2009

I'm happy twins Riko sold out quickly.

On Wednesday, the wig fatcory told me that Near's wigs will be ready next week.
If there is no accident, I can ship the last edtion Lotus Near and release the new edtion late next week or earily next next week...


Before the wigs arrive, I will prepare a new 24cm girl full set. I plan to release a new girl full set every month from now on. In August, the theme is 'Green........Dam'.

Time goes so fast...I haven't enough time to sculpting new dolls since I have to concentrate on selling, but anyway, I hope I can finish two doll heads this year.

One is Papana (new version). She matches Azone 25cm body or Obitsu 21/23cm body, so she is not a BJD, although all the working steps are the same as a BJD head...


The other head is the mouse, Cheese... (I've seen another mouse doll named Cheese. T-T)
I hope I can finish it before Christmas. >w<