Jul.23 2009

I'm designing new outfit for Lotus. Just give up the one I did yesterday right now...
I bought some new cloth. Hope the second design works...


Jul.18, 2009

New zombie babies are released.^^ Hope you like them.
After these two zombie babies, there will be another, the last zombie baby this year, but zombie theme will not end.^^
BTW, I'm considering a 'Green Dam' fullset. Haha~><

And about Lotus, because the problem of the wig, new Lotus won't be available until August...

Compared with last week, this week is so fine...^^



Jul.11 2009

I have a bad luck this week.

I was cheated by a camera shop on Tuesday. I asked them online if they have the camera in stock. They said yes. Then, on Wednesday, I rushed to their shop. They told me it's out of stock and tried to recommend an expensive one to me.- -||| I had to go home and bought one online from Beijing, which made me feel worry during shipping...

On Thursday, the awful wigs made me mad...The factory delayed again and again and gave me such bad quality wigs. At the end, the result of waiting one month is waiting another month...

On Friday, I got the SD card for my coming camera. After I unpacked, I found it's class4, not class6 I ordered... The seller said he didn't have class6...He said he accept return. But I was really exhausted, so I agreed just refund the difference. Then, I noticed the carema shop in Beijing didn't send the carema by the express I asked for. The express they choose was slower...My camera should have arrived on Friday...

On Saturday, I was waiting the camera whole morning. I called the express in noon. They said their motobike went wrong...orz

Finally the camera arrived in later afternoon. No prpblem on it. Hope my bad luck end.



the big joke has been put off

update for http://dd-anne.blogspot.com/2009/06/jun10-2009.html

The name of the software is 'green dam'.

Maybe they didn't image it would be such an big joke...so 4 hours before July 1, they annouced to put off the installtion of Green Dam.

And I found some interesting pictures.

'Green Dam' becomes a girl.

Green Dam and windows XP

Green Dam and fire fox.><(Green dam can't affect fire fox.)

dispute to claim

update for http://dd-anne.blogspot.com/2009/06/jun25-2009.html

Jun 26
One day after I show the tracking result of succeful deliver, the buy claimed that the package was empty. That makes me feel 哭笑不得.(find something both funny and annoying)

I believed her when she said she hadn't got the package on Jun 25, although the tracking result showed it was delived on Jun 22. I worried whole day, thinking maybe they post to a wrong address or something else.

However, she changed her words after I showed the tracking result. I have to start to doubt her.

If the package was empty, why she didn't contact me at once, when she got it on Jun 22, but 3 days later, open a Not Received dispute, claiming the package didn't arrive?

I asked my local paypal center what I need to do by phonecall. They said if the buyer claimed the package was empty when she got it, she need to offer a evidence provide from a third party, such as the police or the post office. Then I told the buyer.

July 1,
I hadn't got any replies from the buyer for 4 days, so I asked her to show the evidence or close the dispute.

July 2,
She escalated the dispute to a PayPal claim. She still has no evidence.