Jul.11 2009

I have a bad luck this week.

I was cheated by a camera shop on Tuesday. I asked them online if they have the camera in stock. They said yes. Then, on Wednesday, I rushed to their shop. They told me it's out of stock and tried to recommend an expensive one to me.- -||| I had to go home and bought one online from Beijing, which made me feel worry during shipping...

On Thursday, the awful wigs made me mad...The factory delayed again and again and gave me such bad quality wigs. At the end, the result of waiting one month is waiting another month...

On Friday, I got the SD card for my coming camera. After I unpacked, I found it's class4, not class6 I ordered... The seller said he didn't have class6...He said he accept return. But I was really exhausted, so I agreed just refund the difference. Then, I noticed the carema shop in Beijing didn't send the carema by the express I asked for. The express they choose was slower...My camera should have arrived on Friday...

On Saturday, I was waiting the camera whole morning. I called the express in noon. They said their motobike went wrong...orz

Finally the camera arrived in later afternoon. No prpblem on it. Hope my bad luck end.


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