Feb 21

I'm preparing Lotus' outfits. Although I've planned to do all by myself this time, I have to handle some work to the aunty who used to help me with the sewing work. Otherwise, it might take a bit longer than expected. I think I can manage to finish 4 sets of zombie outfits by myself.
The outfit of crane Lotus is realy complex. Only a set( 4 pairs) of gloves, costs me nearly four hours... My mother said you should ask for a higher price. Haha, it's difficult...


Feb 11

After failed several times, I'm on the right way, finally...
I found all problems in casting this time are due to the new branch of resin...
Now I've casted 4 zombie Lotuses and 4 crane Lotuses. And one tan (not light tan) by accident. It's still a bit hard for me to control tan skin color. This tan one has a good quality, um...what should I do? It's a pitty to throw him away and I don't want to sell him as a 'miscast',also, not keep for myself since I already have 2 tan Lotuses...maybe an OOAK? but the last should be the last...-_-!


Feb 05

I found a new kind of color and tested it in the past two days. The left one is the original color I used(it's uneven, you can see some black spots on his eyelid. And the color is not as my wish.), these on the right side are the test pieces.
The new color is much even. I'm quite pleased with that. The only problem is the new color contains water, which harmful to resin. Therefore, I need to use the resin as fast as I can, before they go bad.>~<
I will restart the casting work tomorrow. Hope everything is ok.^-^


Feb 01

The first cast is not successful. I tried a new kind of resin which is less toxic. The resin nearly has no smell, which I am quite pleased.
However, the oil colors I used are not suitable for this kind of resin. What's more, there are more air bubbles, I think it because that the liquid resin is thick.
Then, I have to find a way to solve these problems.
I have several ideas in my brain, but I'm not sure they will work.
Sometimes you just can't control what will happen next.
P.S The weather is not fine these days, which makes cast harder.≈_≈