Mar 28

Continue sanding.
I'm planning to send 3 zombie Lotuses next weekend.


Mar 25

How many pieces of sand paper needed, to sand a Lotus Near?;-)
In order not to hurt the tan surface, I use #1000 sand paper.


Mar 24

I do the drill work faster than expected.
I'm going to send a Lotus, ordered without face up and outfit, on Saturday.


Mar 23

In the photo, there are the accessories which on the outfits of zombie Lotus.
Sand and drill in days, prepare outfits in nights.
Time goes so fast to me...It's late March!

My landlady said she might need the flat for herself, so maybe I have to find a new place from Jun. TvT...Although I want a larger studio, I don't want move. Who will take care of these cats? Not my Mimi and Miaomiao, certainly, I will take them with me, but those who came to my window for food everyday. A white cat, I named Princess, an orange/white cat who I named Orange, and three kitties I haven't named yet...


Mar 15

The sharp edge of resin is dangerous. It often cuts my hands.:(
I will finish the casting work tomorrow. Yeah~

Thank both of you for advise on Lotus Near.^3^ They are very useful to me.
And to studentguest, Welcome to my blog.^_^ Dolls are expensive to me too.>< But they really cost much time since they are all handmade. And some dolls are not just toys, but a piece of art.^^I understand that after I made my own dolls.^^


Mar 11

Thank God that the temperature is low, quite suitable for casting.


Mar 09

The rain finally stopped. It snowed today...very rare in March.
I'm going to cast the rest Lotus tomorrow. It will take about 6 days for me to do the cast work. Then, I will prepare and send 3 Lotuses per batch.


Mar 2

I'm going to cast the rest Lotus, but it's raining all week...
During working, I'm thinking of a new fullsets after Lotus. The new series is called 'Alice in underland', performed by my 24cm girl dolls.
I've seen many beautiful Alice dolls in different kinds. I hope my Alice series bring something new.^_^