Jun.25 2009

What I'm doing these days><


I made some improvements on the face up.^^


New zombie baby. Guess who is she?XD

Jun.25 2009

Awful morning...

I'm surprised that I received a paypal dispute this morning.
The buyer claimed she didn't received the package, which I shipped in Jun. 12.
But the tracking results, both from Chinese EMS website and from Italy post website, show that the package was delivered in Jun. 22, .

I've showed these results to the buyer and wait her reply now...

It's tried.


Jun.21 2009

It's hot here...
I'm preparing the outfit of fullset Qiiro and waiting Lotus's wigs arrive.

Too many things I want to do...Two zombie babies will be released soon, I've painted the face up, then need to design outfit and wait for tiny wigs in new color( blone, sliver).

I planned to finish Qiiro's outfit yesterday, but it seems I have to continue the sewing work tomorrow.><

And zombie twins babies, Lotus Near 13-16 are on schedule.


Jun.14 2009

Talk something funny today.

Since I have Miaomiao and Mimi in my studio, their fur is everywhere in the room.>< I borrowed the vacuum from my parents. After I moved into my studio, I realized that I need a vacuum for myself.

Then, I found one in a online shop. It cost 220CNY. It's the 1st edtion. The 2nd edtion cost a bit higher, 238CNY. When I was hesitating to buy which edtion, I found the 3rd, newest edtion cost 236CNY, cheaper than the 2nd edtion. What's more, the shopper accept vip card for 3rd edtion, so I decided to buy it at once. I paid online very fast, and felt very happy. I even had a dream that the express brought the vacuum to me at that night...

Next noon, the vacuum arrived. I opend the package as soon as I can.XD There is an invoice inside. I took a glance at the invoice...and found the total is 3xxCNY.

I was suprised why it's 100 more than I paid. I checked the bill I paid yesterday, in fact it's 3XXCNY...

...At last, I realized how careless I am. I just notice the last two numbers of the price. It's 336, not 236 as I thought... nearly 100CNY expensiven...

I think the new functions of the 3rd edtion don't worth 100CNY.


Jun.10 2009

preparing ordered dolls. not too much to say about working, just drill, sand, accemble...no new things.^^|||

I found Flickr is unblocked now, but not blogger.
Today, the web proxy I've used for a long time turns down... The other proxy I use doesn't works well, they said the gov. starts to block it. It's really really annoying.

I read a news this morning, which is more ridiculous.
The gov. requires every computer sold after July 1 2009 should be installed a software, which they claimed as, can block some pornographic websites. However, certainly it will block NOT ONLY pornographic websites. The software can monitor the actions of your keyboard and mouse and take a photo of your screen in every 3 minutes too.

I feel that we are in 1984.


Jun 5 2009

Finally, I found a useful proxy tool. All problems are solved, execpt slow speed...


June 6, 2009

I'm mad!
They blocked the Flickr! Two days before 20th anniversary of the slaughter on the square.
They are fearing.

Since my blogger, my flickr are not available, maybe I will have time to mourn these dead, on the square!

I can't log in flickr by web proxy, please contact me by email...