Jun.10 2009

preparing ordered dolls. not too much to say about working, just drill, sand, accemble...no new things.^^|||

I found Flickr is unblocked now, but not blogger.
Today, the web proxy I've used for a long time turns down... The other proxy I use doesn't works well, they said the gov. starts to block it. It's really really annoying.

I read a news this morning, which is more ridiculous.
The gov. requires every computer sold after July 1 2009 should be installed a software, which they claimed as, can block some pornographic websites. However, certainly it will block NOT ONLY pornographic websites. The software can monitor the actions of your keyboard and mouse and take a photo of your screen in every 3 minutes too.

I feel that we are in 1984.


katy said...

wow!! born and raised in the United States we are use to freedom. i think it is sad that there are countries that try to control the people. its wrong. big brother is a very scary concept. very sad.

i think this software is less the block pornography than it is to monitor people.

Cosmic_girl said...

Okei there is one a hell paranoia out there...That sucks!