Jun.14 2009

Talk something funny today.

Since I have Miaomiao and Mimi in my studio, their fur is everywhere in the room.>< I borrowed the vacuum from my parents. After I moved into my studio, I realized that I need a vacuum for myself.

Then, I found one in a online shop. It cost 220CNY. It's the 1st edtion. The 2nd edtion cost a bit higher, 238CNY. When I was hesitating to buy which edtion, I found the 3rd, newest edtion cost 236CNY, cheaper than the 2nd edtion. What's more, the shopper accept vip card for 3rd edtion, so I decided to buy it at once. I paid online very fast, and felt very happy. I even had a dream that the express brought the vacuum to me at that night...

Next noon, the vacuum arrived. I opend the package as soon as I can.XD There is an invoice inside. I took a glance at the invoice...and found the total is 3xxCNY.

I was suprised why it's 100 more than I paid. I checked the bill I paid yesterday, in fact it's 3XXCNY...

...At last, I realized how careless I am. I just notice the last two numbers of the price. It's 336, not 236 as I thought... nearly 100CNY expensiven...

I think the new functions of the 3rd edtion don't worth 100CNY.

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