Apr 24

Alice in underland, chapter 1, white rabbit.
It's a story based on Alice's adventure in wonderland.
; P I go through the story again and again in my mind and add back stories for every character. The story now is totally different with the first edition I did.
The biggest problem now is the queen of hearts. I've been hesitating for a long time...Just keep a secret now.
Haha, hope you like my story and my dolls.

Apr 23

Paint face up


Apr 21

To anavel, yes. They should be arrive very soon.

It's a busy week...The fourth batch will be sent on time and the last batch will be sent in early May.
Finally, I can start something new in May.>o<
Thank everyone for patient waiting.^_^



Apr 14

I sent the third batch, 4 Lotuses without face up today.
The fourth bath includes 4 crane Lotuses with face up. The shipping date will be around Apr 24.


Apr 12

I still have 2 Lotuses not assembled in the third batch. I will finish them tomorrow and send them on wednesday.


Apr 7

I'm preparing the third bath, 4 Lotus ordered without face up. The sending date will be around April 12.

I upload some pictures of lotus' arms in my flickr.

Hope you like tho box I package, although time limited, I can't decorated too much.>w<


Apr 03

I painted 24 arms of 3 zombie Lotuses today and finished their outfits.
I'm going to paint the face up tomorrow.


Apr 01





I was preparing zombie outfits today. It cost much time than expected, though I finished some acceseries in January and February.

The shipping date of 3 zombie Lotus was delayed to next Monday.@.@