May 26, 2009

Lotuses are sold faster than I've expected...
I've thought maybe they would still be instock when the next batch planned in July. Haha~

2 Snow white Qiiro will be avaible soon. One is the sample in the photo, there will be a discount for the sample, because she is the last cast from the mold, not well.

And I want to buy a new camera.><


It seems I can't post comment again...

Thank you.^^
He is availbe now.
Here, http://fairygarden-shop.blogspot.com/2009/05/lotus-near-no9-no12.html

Thank you.
I saw your comment on the selling page. Yes, you can order the outfit. ^^




May 23, 2009

It's 0:30 now.
I'm trying different ways of opening my blog.
I found I can't change the layout through proxyies...so it will be a trouble in my shop blog. I can't update news or sidebar.

If they block the blogspot by the Great Firewall of China , will they block Flickr later? They had done before. BTW, many famous websites are screened, such as youtube, livejournal...

- -|||


May 22, 2009

New Lotus Near is prepared.
I'm going to release him next week.^^

No problem.>< Thank you.



I found I can't open this site this morning, but can open it by a online proxy.
Okay, maybe the Great Firewall of China is working...
It's really annoying.
It seems I can post new posts, but I can't comment by the online proxy.
Hope GFW doesn't bring too much troubles. T.T
I hate them.

reply for the comments below

Keka1, Oh, I'm sorry I didn't see your comment. >< It's glad they are arrived.^^

katy, (TvT)thank you, I see, but I ended my casting work in Apri.It will be Oct or Nov when I start new casting period.><


May.9 2009

I'm preparing new Lotus Near. He is snow white skin, so I want to try a new face up and outfits.
And there will be some lucky bags to celebrate my birthday in May.^^