May.9 2009

I'm preparing new Lotus Near. He is snow white skin, so I want to try a new face up and outfits.
And there will be some lucky bags to celebrate my birthday in May.^^


Keka1 said...

You didn't send me an email with my tracking number... Do you sent it at last or not? I'm worried >.<

My email is very lazy these days and I scare it hadn't arrived.

katy said...

i hope you make the gray tiny near again. he is too cute!

Keka1 said...

The kids arrived yesterday!! I love Hexad Lii and my friend's Lotus Near is gorgeous!!

Thank you for all Xu ^3^

Sonia said...

Yes, Lotus Near is amazing!

I love the new one's clothes and make up as well! I think he's even better than the previous one!!!