I found I can't open this site this morning, but can open it by a online proxy.
Okay, maybe the Great Firewall of China is working...
It's really annoying.
It seems I can post new posts, but I can't comment by the online proxy.
Hope GFW doesn't bring too much troubles. T.T
I hate them.

reply for the comments below

Keka1, Oh, I'm sorry I didn't see your comment. >< It's glad they are arrived.^^

katy, (TvT)thank you, I see, but I ended my casting work in Apri.It will be Oct or Nov when I start new casting period.><

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katy said...

i can wait until oct or nov! i will keep watching then i have a NS tiny near but i want a gray one too- he reminds me of a sleeping gargoyle but cutier:)