Mar 11

Thank God that the temperature is low, quite suitable for casting.


studentguest95 said...

Hi Anne! I found this blog while randomly surfing around blogger and Im was really amuzed when I knew you were a doll maker. Im a huge fan of dolls myself. Although I have no money to buy those dolls since Its very expensive especially the price is same as a human outfit but I stalk those doll every single day saving pictures into my com.They are really cute. I really wish you will make more of those doll . Sorry if this is a sensitive topic for you but I also really wish those doll price will decrease so I could afford it and share it with my friends.Im really expecting to see your works in the future when I could afford all of those doll. Practice makes perfect, Im sure your masterpiece will be brilliant in the future. I cant wait to see more of your creations

studentguest95 said...

and I really love your works just hope you could upload more picturess