Mar 23

In the photo, there are the accessories which on the outfits of zombie Lotus.
Sand and drill in days, prepare outfits in nights.
Time goes so fast to me...It's late March!

My landlady said she might need the flat for herself, so maybe I have to find a new place from Jun. TvT...Although I want a larger studio, I don't want move. Who will take care of these cats? Not my Mimi and Miaomiao, certainly, I will take them with me, but those who came to my window for food everyday. A white cat, I named Princess, an orange/white cat who I named Orange, and three kitties I haven't named yet...

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Anonymous said...

:D *squee!* Look at all the little skulls! They are so precious....

I hope you don't have to move - moving is such a big hassle. You have to fit your whole life into a box. :P Good luck with your landlady.