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Jun 26
One day after I show the tracking result of succeful deliver, the buy claimed that the package was empty. That makes me feel 哭笑不得.(find something both funny and annoying)

I believed her when she said she hadn't got the package on Jun 25, although the tracking result showed it was delived on Jun 22. I worried whole day, thinking maybe they post to a wrong address or something else.

However, she changed her words after I showed the tracking result. I have to start to doubt her.

If the package was empty, why she didn't contact me at once, when she got it on Jun 22, but 3 days later, open a Not Received dispute, claiming the package didn't arrive?

I asked my local paypal center what I need to do by phonecall. They said if the buyer claimed the package was empty when she got it, she need to offer a evidence provide from a third party, such as the police or the post office. Then I told the buyer.

July 1,
I hadn't got any replies from the buyer for 4 days, so I asked her to show the evidence or close the dispute.

July 2,
She escalated the dispute to a PayPal claim. She still has no evidence.


Cosmic_girl said...

That really sounds bad. I hope you will get your money...:)

DD-ANNE said...

Thank you.^3^