Aug.9 2009

I'm happy twins Riko sold out quickly.

On Wednesday, the wig fatcory told me that Near's wigs will be ready next week.
If there is no accident, I can ship the last edtion Lotus Near and release the new edtion late next week or earily next next week...


Before the wigs arrive, I will prepare a new 24cm girl full set. I plan to release a new girl full set every month from now on. In August, the theme is 'Green........Dam'.

Time goes so fast...I haven't enough time to sculpting new dolls since I have to concentrate on selling, but anyway, I hope I can finish two doll heads this year.

One is Papana (new version). She matches Azone 25cm body or Obitsu 21/23cm body, so she is not a BJD, although all the working steps are the same as a BJD head...


The other head is the mouse, Cheese... (I've seen another mouse doll named Cheese. T-T)
I hope I can finish it before Christmas. >w<


Anonymous said...

<3 The new Lotus's outfit has me in suspense! He looks like he will be so beautiful...! <3 And what an amazing outfit.

I can't wait until tomorrow, to see what he looks like. You have been so patient, to wait for just the right wig to make him. ^^ Everything will be just right! I know he will be worth the wait.

DD-ANNE said...

The wig is just the old style.>< Because the factory did to bad this time, so I have to return them back...
Haha, I want to try some new wig, but the factory can't just make 4 for me...

Now I'm going to think about the last edtion.><