Oct. 19 2008

I'm feeling guilty that my plans are not achieved every time. (TvT)

It's already Oct. 19, but it seems I need more time to sand them. The sanding work is really very boring. I became impatient. I love sculpting, painting face up and making clothes for dolls, but I don't like sanding, making molds and casting.(>w<) However, another voice in my mind told me to keep calm, if I don't sand them smooth, I will certainly regret in the future, just as what I've done with Near.

...anyway, they're more and more close to be completed.

Today, photos of Mero.
I found I didn't take many photos for her. I spent least time on her in five girls.

After I finish sanding work and molds, I will cast some per order tiny dolls first. Then, cast big girls. When I use out a set of resin, I will stop casting work for a while to prepare ordered tiny dolls first. Then, I have time to assemle my big girls, to paint face up and to make clothes for them. I can accept per order of them at that time...

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