Something is under the fabric!

Something is under the fabric!

Chapter 2, Alice in Underland, will be released soon.
"Alice stretched herself up on tiptoe, and peeped over the edge of the mushroom…'Oh! I thought I would meet a caterpillar!' she said."

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naomi said...

hi dear~!
im quite new into bjd makin, but im actually making my own >_< and wish some day she will be able to have another owner ^^

i have so many questions and im glad ive found your blog !

first, please tell me how to make dolls prototypes more smooth ?! its my biggest problem >.<

what resin do you use ? epox-something or pol-something ? im so nervous about casting...
oh and do you use sylicone as formes ??

hope im not annoying~
thank you very much