The meaning of names

1.Lii, 離
In chinese, it means 'leave'. Lii is a doll I made for my best friend in college. Lii is the first doll leaves me.

2.Mero, 梅蘿 & 3. Near, 逆
When I was thinging of names for Mero and Near, 'Death Note', one of my favourite comics, ended. Since the first letter of Lii is 'L'(a character in DN) , I decided to name the other two as 'Mero' and 'Near'(names of characters in DN).

4.Oruha, 織葉
She is my first handmade BJD. Oruha is a character in 'Clover' by Clamp. I just love this name, but not the character...

5.Pei Yi, 沛宜
This name is from a real girl called Yang Pei Yi, the girl who was hidden behind the curtain of the 29th Olympic Games opening ceremony. I just want to remember that not only Miao Ke, the girl in red dress on the stage, but also there is a girl called Pei Yi sang the song.

6.Qiiro, 千尋
It's a Japanese name, but I use Chinese Pinyin 'Qi' instead of 'chi' . It's not easy to find a name start with 'Q'...In Chinese, it means 'looking for thousands of times'.^^

7.Riko, 栗子
I combined Chinese'Li Zi' and Japanese 'kuri' to 'Riko'. They mean 'chestnut'. I saw many peddlers sold chestnut when I was thinking of Riko's name...


9.Tenten, 天天
Tenten is Japanese pronounce, in Chinese, it's 'tiantian', means everyday. I think 'ten' is easy to memorize.

10.Urami, 裏美
It's a name of a character from a game(Gyakuten Saiban 3). In fact, in Japanese, 'Urami' has another meaning, 'hate'. But I think it just sounds well...

to be continued


Cosmic_girl said...

This was great idea! Now we all can easly find the meaning of the dolls name..XD

DD-ANNE said...

Welcome><...I found I couldn't do reply as those in blogbus. I can just leave comment...