Jan.25 2009

Today is the last second day of the rat year...
My uncle invited us for family dinner in a restaurant.
Every thing is happy.
However, at last, when we were going to leave the restaurant, my mother slipped on the wet floor outside toilet. And soon, her left wrist became very gummy.
...It looked like a fracture.

Now, 23:49, my parents are in the hospital. They let me back home first. My father has brought me a good news just now that the result of x-ray shows there is no fracture, but my mother still need a CT check as the doctor asked.

Thank God! Hope she is fine.(TvT)


Byn said...

That's very serious...It's good to hear that there wasn't a fracture. I hope your mom feels better soon!

Keka1 said...

I hope she will be better soon!! >.<

DD-ANNE said...

Byn, Keka1,
Thank you>3<
At last, there is a tiny crack on the bone, so my mother's hand is wrapped by plaster now...
I need to help her with the housework.><

Keka1 said...

I know what's it, I suffer a tiny crack on one finger... And there was the longer month of my life!! >.<

I hope she will be better soon, one more time!

DD-ANNE said...

Thank you.-3- She is much better now.