History of DD-Anne's hand-made dolls

I started to sculpt dolls since 2005. I have none experience on sculpting before that. I even didn't know which materials or tools I can use. Therefore, I tried plaster...

first attempt (plaster)My first attempt on sculpting...Feb. 2005

Later, I tried polymer clay. It didn't work either.
However, soon, I learned there is something called La Doll.

wu(clay)This is My first clay head, WU. April 2005

Fei (clay)Fei, the second head.

In May 2005, I started my adventure on sculpting a whole BJD. She was Oruha. I finished her in late August. She was a clay doll and crack easily. I planned to repaire her and to give her rebirth, but at last in the summer of 2008, she died, retruning to be a block of clay.


Then, in Oct. 2005, I started my second adventure.


to be continued...

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