I must be mad to redo the molds of Lotus Near.
When I was making the new molds of ver.2 body about a year ago, I thought I would not do the mold twice. It's really a hard work since Lotus has total 56 parts.
However, there were only 2 Lotus sold, casted from those molds...
At first I met the problems on resin and got many miscast pieces.
Then, I casted 3 sets, but one has a cat fur on his nose!
It's not serious, if only I casted a new head.
However, because I felt tired on casting him, I decided have a pause and moved my attention on the new tiny, Tenten.
Several weeks later, I tried to cast again. BUT!!! The tan color changed after such a long time.

So...at last, only 2 Lotus were available from the molds...

I wanted to cast more in Dec. last year, but accident happened again and again...
I'm not pleased with the molds and these failures make me fear to cast Lotus.

It's raining these days, I can't do cast work in my plan, so after some hesitation, I started to redo the molds...

Hope the new molds works well in the furture.


Keka1 said...


Or... In english although it will sound less enthusiastic.

Surely yes!! The new molds will be well >.<

DD-ANNE said...

haha, thank you.><